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The lyrics to Thrash is Fresh are fucking gold - Ungrind my heart

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July 29th, 2004

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10:38 am - The lyrics to Thrash is Fresh are fucking gold
We are the Grindfuckers, we destroy all and anything, you need our shit because ansonsten you're suffering. We're grinding you to death not caring 'bout intelligence NO USE FOR A MESSAGE AT ALL

This text is written in my room
Because this song needs lyrics yet
It's about fucking bloody thrash
So it needs brutal speech like this


Excrementory is the mould that nestles in your cunt, the cheesy herpes on your cock that makes it fucking blunt. The notifiable disease that makes your rosace grow, we FUCK FUCK FUCK IN EVERY FUCKING HOLE!

We sound as brutal as your motherfucking mother did during your birth, when you came out and teared off her clit. We sound as bestial as your namby-pamby father do GETTING ON HIS CHEEK A GRINDFUCKERS TATTOO!

I sit here bored and don't know how to fill this lines with simple words but bloody thrash like this needs lyrics, also if noone understands.

I like the sunshine shining soft and warm on my prepuce; I like to move it and explore the liquid I produce; I like such lyrics with wether any sense nor use - Pampadimpadoo-bidoo-bidoo I've got the blues.

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Date:August 1st, 2004 05:54 pm (UTC)
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